Food Safari in Yunnan | Fruit food

2024年01月09日 11:29 来源

The inauguration of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway in1910 marked a milestone for Yunnan Province, heralding its journey into modern society with the resounding whistle of the meter gauge train.

Over the ensuing century, the cities along the railway have cultivated distinctive culinary cultures, like gems adorning Yunnan's landscapes.

The documentary series"Food Safari in Yunnan," a collaborative production by China News Network, Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and China News Service Yunnan Branch, zooms in on the unique cuisines and culinary traditions of cities along the railway line, presenting local customs, products, and cultural charm to a global audience.

Is a fruit meal an innovative idea or a venture into dark cuisine? Join us on a journey to Hekou, the fruit paradise in China, to explore.